Blog Post #2

Making our Nation Great

The sun and it’s brightness,
Shines like it showers;
A collection of photons
Resembles a picturesque neatness.

Among a many between a few,
It falls at our alma mater making it every time new,
Bringing happiness and brightness,
On ourselves like dew.

A collection of Memories and experiences –
That are gathered together,
Resembles you, me and my alma mater

A few words to cherish; the simplicity, caring and rigour through which I have been at Centre for Management Studies, Dibrugarh University, & in itself can’t be described through words.

My blog’s space will be to make an attempt to explain commitment and compassion to make an institution great. By greatness, I meant something that takes us to a place where we can let ourselves free. Free from selfishness, ego and misadventures. Throughout several years, I have seen people coming together but to an extent and to a certain limit. The limits may harm our limitless capabilities to which we are here for in this world. During school days, I  have heard and seen best friends accepting the idea of bribing. I have seen people demeaning the institution’s value & creating adventures that ended no where. A few of us felt then, as to where lies the answer. To whom we should commit, to whom we should devote our energies, to whom should we follow? If it is not for us.

Therefore, I would like to add that at that point of time, we felt the answer is in our nation, to our nation, for our nation & to follow our nation. If we can plant one idea, no matter how stupid it may sound, & if we devote our energies towards it, then even our effort will materialise later if not sooner. That idea may well change the world. By world, I don’t mean the whole earth, it may be a part of your daily environment with whom or where you interact. Let’s work together to make our nation great.

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